Integrity in ministry is vital for security and trust to develop and be maintained within a church. In order to maintain this trust, the Elders of Crossroads have instituted the following safeguards:


It is our duty to you before the LORD our God to handle our finances in the most God honoring fashion.

It is also our conviction to enable ministries to function freely. The following is just a glimpse into some of our financial policies:

Collection of offering

Deacons are to see that the offering is handled in such a fashion to safeguard your gifts. There are always two people who count the offering.

Records of individual persons donations are considered a private matter and are not made public in any way.

Use of church property

Church property is not to be used for the financial gain of individuals without special arrangements; therefore, we do not charge for ministries. We discourage people from using the congregation as a list of potential sales contacts.


Crossroads Christian Fellowship works on a budget system. Each year a budget is designed and approved by the joint leadership of the elders and deacons.

Ministry Leaders are responsible to see that the budget their ministry receives is spent wisely. Deacons make sure that all expenditures are actually for the ministry that they are budgeted for.

Our Church financial secretary gives the deacons and elders monthly financial reports. These reports are public and available to all who request one.

Relational Integrity

To prevent any appearance of evil as well as to prevent falling into sin, your pastors and ministry personnel never council people of the opposite gender alone. Women requesting time with a pastor are assured that the meeting will be in public or in a place where trusted witnesses are nearby. We have recently added a video security system that keeps video record of all counseling sessions. For personal privacy, audio is not recorded. We always try to have many people involved in children’s ministry, but they will be carefully screened. Those working with children will be asked to submit a full history with references and background checks will be performed. All children's rooms are video recorded for added safety.