Interpretation of the Bible


Under-girding all of our beliefs and practices as a church is the firm belief in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. We believe that the Bible is inspired (literally God-breathed) in such a manner that the words the prophet wrote were the exact words God intended for us to hear.

The inspiration proceeds even to the very strokes of the pen used by the prophet on the original manuscript. The result is a love letter from God. We hang on every word. This belief is reflected in all of our actions and is best seen in our style of preaching.

The Bible and Science

Flowing out of our understanding of inspiration, we come to some surprising conclusions related to the origins of life. We conclude that life never evolved but rather was created by God. We never intend to be arrogant about anything. But we boldly state that we trust the Bible far more than scientific theories. Therefore, we are creationists. We believe that God is the originator of the universe, that He created man, and that He created man in the image of God. God created man out of the dust of the earth, not evolving us from other animals. We further find that the facts of science very often authenticate the creationist view. 

Interpretation of the Bible

We interpret scripture literally. What it says is what it means. We also understand that each book of the Bible is written to a people and culture of antiquity. Therefore, we consider the culture and history of the Bible in our interpretation. This is called a historical-grammatical method of interpretation. Anyone applying this literal method of interpretation to scripture will inevitably come to very similar conclusions.

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